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15th Century Italy was unlike any other place during its’ time. The “rebirth” had given life and vigor to artists and scholars alike. Money flowed through the hands of wealthy Florentines and into the waiting arms of men like Da Vinci, Donatello, and Michelangelo. Commissions paved the way for some of history’s greatest artists to absorb themselves in their work, propelling the art world forward as if shot out of a cannon. During the Renaissance, the heart of Florence was…

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Introduction Mandala, an old and alluring symbol, has transcended time and culture, leaving an unforgettable imprint on humanity. The mandala, which has its roots in numerous spiritual and artistic traditions, depicts harmony, oneness, and cosmic order. This essay digs into the depths of this enthralling symbol, investigating its historical significance, the various shapes it takes throughout cultures, and the underlying principles that make it a universal reflection of the human mind. The Symbol of Mandala At its core, a mandala…

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Orsanmichele: The Birthplace of the Italian Renaissance Orsanmichele is a building located in the Italian city of Florence, north of the Arno River, and currently serves as a church. Being known primarily as the Church of Orsanmichele since the 1340s, it is surprising to believe that it was not always situated for religious purposes but had commercial intentions in its original construction. Over a period of time, the building underwent a transition from an open loggia for the market towards…

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  1. The Intersection of Technology and Society: In an era dominated by technological advancements, we embarked on an essay that explored the intricate relationship between technology and society. By seamlessly blending sociological insights with technological trends, we created an essay that resonated with readers across disciplines.

  2. Environmental Ethics and Sustainability: With environmental concerns taking center stage, we took on the challenge of crafting an essay that delved into the ethical dimensions of sustainability. Through rigorous research, we presented a compelling argument that not only addressed the urgency of the issue but also proposed actionable solutions.

  3. Literary Analysis: Unraveling Symbolism: Literary works often conceal layers of symbolism. In an essay dedicated to the works of a renowned author, we unraveled the subtle threads of symbolism woven into the narrative. This essay not only celebrated the author’s craftsmanship but also offered readers a deeper appreciation for the written word.

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  3. Literary Luminary Award: Conferred by the Literary Confluence, this award celebrated our contribution to literary discourse. The winning essay, an exploration of the intersection between culture and identity, captured the essence of diverse human experiences.

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When you’re staring at a piece of artwork, do you ever ask yourself, what am I looking at? I do all the time. There are so many kinds of art and you never know what the artist is trying to portray and if it is real or imaginary. There was a time way back in the day when paintings were all from imagination and it only showed beautiful and heroic subjects. Until one day a poet and journalist named Charles…

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It is unquestionably true that ‘the only good portrait is a realistic portrait’. This is because a realistic portrait conveys the subject’s distinctive and idiosyncratic features and can be used for propaganda purposes. This is noticeable both in the Renaissance and in the art of Ancient Rome. Therefore, it is beyond question that ‘the only good portrait is a realistic portrait’. It is indisputable that ‘the only good portrait is a realistic portrait’. This statement is evident in Ancient Roman…

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Material and conceptual agencies of the art world sustain a significant relationship which reflects the final outcome and concept of the artwork. Art has incessantly served to reveal the inextricable link between the artist, audience and the world through the material practice and techniques utilized in the artmaking process. In contemporary society and specifically, artists cultivate and communicate their social, religious and political standpoint and perspective or values through incorporating traditional techniques. Artists such as Ai Weiwei or Jackson Pollock…

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Although there remain philosophical questions about the nature of reality, it can be defined as the sum of all that is true or existent and to date, the relationship between art and reality is still one of the most widely discussed subjects in the history of aesthetics. This is even more so in the works of Renaissance painters, realists and impressionists, who each strived to portray the reality of their own times. While some argue that no art can truly…

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Realism is a basic creative way for the literacy art. And the main point is that the artists who draw realism paint, they observe the life, the scene, the stuffs in the daily life and draw the real situation of them. They draw the real people with nothing change in the real life to show people’s characters, and also it stands a very significant place in the history, because through the realism paints, you can see the things in that…

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Art is defined as “the expression of creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture”. Art has been around since the Stone Age. It started with cave paintings and megalithic structures and developed immensely over time. Between the mid-19th century and the late 20th century, there were three major periods of art: realism, impressionism, and pop art. Realism began in France in the 1840s around the 1848 Revolution. Realism was considered the beginning of…

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Art is subjective. It can have an infinite number of interpretations influenced by the viewers’ feelings and experiences. Undeniably, the painting by Esteban Murillo, ‘The Young Beggar’, is one of his most recognized artworks because of the great emotional impact it has on the viewer. The painting can emit loneliness, sadness, poverty, but it can also issue other feelings depending on the viewer. ‘The Young Beggar’ is a criticism to the European society. The responses are shaped by the art…

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Photography was invented and observed in the year 1839. Photorealism might also could have been a style manner of artwork that usually enclosed on portray drawings and exceptional photographs platform all through artists research an image, and so makes an attempt to create the photo as in any other medium although the time period can be used loosely to provide an explanation for layout in lots of diverse media it’s conjointly accustomed refer in particular to plenty of art work…

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This essay will explore how specific art pieces from various artists within the Pop Art movement have contributed to the birth of branding and advertising and what influence it still has on modern design. It will identify how brands use the Pop Art style within their current marketing tactics to sell products, ideas, or services. Argument Art and graphic design are connected to the development of modern-day technology, our media and politics around the world. Because of this, graphic design…

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Realism is the 19th century development that created in France with the most objective to speak to reality through the delineation of real-life occasions and subjects in a naturalistic way. From that point, caused somewhat by the tremendous social changes activated by the Industrial Revolution, there was a more noteworthy center on authenticity of subject – that’s, subject matter exterior the tall craftsmanship convention. The term ‘realism’ was advanced by the French writer Champfleury amid the 1840s, although it started…

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Gustave Courbet, born Jean Désiré Gustave Courbet, was a famous French artist of the 19th century. He devoted himself to presenting his own artistic style, while turning away from the techniques of traditional art. His unique styles have even become a source of inspiration for cubists and impressionists. It was his paintings in the 1840s that made him very popular. Meanwhile, his masterpieces have attempted to challenge the conventions. Most of his photos also contain fewer political themes such as…

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When it comes to the subject matter of the paintings, Renaissance artists replicated biblical stories through their portrayal of society while realists and impressionists capture society as it is. Renaissance art is idealized. The representation of nude figure was central to all Renaissance art as well as iconography of biblical and mythological female characters. Emphasis on the humanity of Jesus and Mary is shown through iconography such as the Holy Family or the Madonna nursing the Christ Child, which is…

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‘What is the function of art?’ is an age-old question we must consider before attempting to understand any subgenre or political context present in the artistic world, with the next step being to share the answers to the function’s determination. The genres in the arts are dictated mainly by the achieved style, technique or social message communicated by the work, with the popularity of contemporary art being specifically its diverse parley and lack of restraint. Hence, what is the role…

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The English Restoration period and the Italian Renaissance period are highlighted by many unique characteristics. Two great examples that portray the similarities and differences of these time periods are Belton House, designed and constructed in the 17th century by William Stanton and others in Lincolnshire, England (Harwood, Buie, et al.), and the Villa Rotonda, designed and constructed in the 16th century in Vicenza, Italy by Andrea Palladio (Harwood, Buie, et al.). The land for Belton House was acquired by the…

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Historically, cultural traditions in Asia and South America have played a large role in artistic style and content in those respective regions. From ancient pictographs to passionate paintings depicting a region’s triumphs and losses, art records memories of millennia past. Symbols of the past can still be found in modern art. In Mexico, pieces may combine the culture of the Aztecs with Catholic symbols. Cambodian artworks might depict traditional colors and a remembrance of the pain caused by the Khmer…

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There is something quite interesting when people talk about the American Dream. Gatsby spends his whole life trying to work hard to get money and the girl. Daisy on the other hand has everything handed to her and didn’t want someone with no money. F. Scott Fitzgerald uses symbols such as the valley of ashes, the green light, and the eyes of Dr. T.J. Eckleburg to indicate how greed, materialism, and the loss of moral values in society contributed to…

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In the short story, “The Secret Lion,” the author tinkers around with the idea of maturity by creating different symbols to represent various ideas of growing up. The main character, who now joins the cult of junior high, experiences slight changes from his younger life that will eventually become a thing of the past. In the reading, the main character is described as a “newbie” in the context of being clueless about his upcoming days in middle school. At first,…

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Symbolism is an artistic trademark that uses its imagery to represent either fear, anxiety, happiness, or a different variety of emotions through lines, shapes, colors, textures, spaces, and forms. At first, it was a literary movement but starting in the late 19th and most of the 20th centuries more artists were starting to adopt the concept and it became the biggest trend in post-modernism art. Symbolism can incorporate a combination of realism, surrealism, naturalism, and romanticism (Heller, 2018). Artists use…

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Throughout The Glass Menagerie, Tennessee Williams utilizes numerous symbols to assist the characterizations of the people in the play. Each symbol provides a distinct meaning to each character. For example, the fire escape represents a path to the outside world for Tom, while it represents Laura’s inability to leave the apartment. Tom, constantly unsatisfied with his situation desires an escape from reality, where he can be free of the restrictions his family places on him and the desolate job of…

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The Death and the Miser and Because I Could not Stop for Death Essay Death is a word that everybody might be scared or not scared of. However, no matter if you’re a good person or a bad person, nice or rude, death will always find ways to come to you. These artworks are both about two wealthy persons who end up dying for the fault of death. Both stories “The Death and the Miser”, a northern renaissance, painting by…

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“A painting being painted, one or a few strokes at a time,” meaning that one can learn and progress quickly or slowly. In some cases, some can learn through a tougher challenge, while others have it easier. Either way, it is part of the process of transformation and maturation. The author uses symbolism to show how Jerry wants to be independent and not rely on his mother. She also uses imagery to describe the setting, create suspense, and create the…

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“Give me one hundred preachers who fear nothing but sin and desire nothing but God, and I care not whether they be clergymen or laymen, they alone will shake the gates of Hell and set up the kingdom of Heaven upon Earth.”(Brainy Quotes) The concept of heaven, earth, and hell can be very contrasting. Ideas differ depending on religion, geographical location, and the culture you are surrounded by. In 1505, Hieronymus Bosch created The Garden of Earthly Delights. Hieronymus Bosch…

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Macbeth was written by William Shakespeare and published in 1673 during the reign of King James I. Macbeth is thought to be the play that most closely relates to his relationship with the king. Macbeth is a General who receives a prophecy from three witches saying, “all hail Macbeth, he shalt be king hereafter!” prophesying his becoming King of Scotland. This and his wife’s drive for power leads to him killing King Duncan and committing regicide to take the Scottish…

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Introduction Frida Kahlo, through her use of art as a vehicle for social and political comments, has been able to address world events and relevant social, political, economic, and cultural issues of the time. Not only was Frida one of the greatest Mexican artists and painters of all time, but she was also celebrated for her depiction of political and social issues as well as personal issues experienced. It is evident in her artworks, through the use of color and…

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During the fourteenth century, more than half of the European population was killed off by the Black Death. The plague had social, economic, and religious effects on European history. After this incident, people began to transform; and gradually, new attitudes, ideas, and many different works of art were created. Leonardo da Vinci was one of the key figures in the Renaissance Period. Painted by Leonardo da Vinci, “The Last Supper” is a precious piece of art with hidden meaning that…

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Mankind has made so many advancements and created a lot of developments with innovations like the television. However, as young children plug into the television set instead of enjoying being outside or interacting with one another, some might think about whether we are without a doubt moving forward and progressing or if it is actually creating regression. This idea is put to test in the short story, “The Pedestrian”. The story provides what could be our possible future. The main…

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Girl Before a Mirror (1932) – Pablo Picasso For this assignment, I have chosen to discuss the painting ‘Girl Before a Mirror’ (1932) by Spanish artist Pablo Picasso (October 25th, 1851- April 8th, 1973). My reasoning for selecting this painting in particular was that a large portion of my micro/macro studio project involved investigating and exploring distortion. Picasso is a master of distorting objects, both the tangible and the intangible, infusing them with emotion and symbolism whilst allowing them to…

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