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Analytical Essay on Australia’s National Anthem: Rights of Indigenous People – Free Essay Example

We are one and we are many. A famous Australian verse, sentence and lyric that Australians live by. The past couple of years Australia has been going through a tough time considering the national anthem. Many say the national anthem is racist and should be changed, and I for one agree with that statement. Hours upon hours of research I have finally come to the conclusion that the Australian national anthem is, well, racist.

Written in 1879, Australia’s national anthem hasn’t been changed to include the Aboriginal people. Should it be changed is the big questions? And what do the Aboriginal people think about changing it?

Here’s my reasons to why we should change the national anthem. At sporting events (for example, ALF, Rugby, ect.) when we as Australians sing the national anthem, we’re singing it to honor our country, but Aboriginals don’t want to sing it because their not included. Our national anthem is non-inclusive, indigenous AUstralians shouldnt have to sing it.

It is traditional at major events to being with singing the national anthem. At the sate of orgin rugby league clash between New South Wales and Queensland, however, at least four Indigenouse rugby players have vowed to remain silent while everyone else sings. A protest against an anthem they feel doesn’t represent them.

It’s the second such protest in recent months. Before a rugby league match between the indigenous All Stars and Maori All Stars in february, a number of Australian players chose to remain silent when the anthem was played. One of them, team captains Cody Walker, called for a wider discussion into the anthem’s appropriateness, a feeling echoed by many Aboriginal people.

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To myself and the Indigenous people and a few people in Australia, the national anthem is, well, terrible. I know it, you know it and on the increasing rare occasions that our olympians win gold medals the rest of the world knows it too.

Our national anthem is bland, boring and the lyrics hardly make any sense. The national anthem is purpley rude towards the aboriginals. Try talking to someone in a ‘joyful strains’ in a conversation, and see if anyone understands what you mean.

Aboriginals were the first people in Australia before the british took over. The British treated the Aboriginals like they were the underdogs, they basically pushed them out of their own country. The British wrote the national anthem back in 1878. Advance Australian Fair was written and composed by Peter Dodds McCormick in 1878, this was proclaimed Australia’s national anthem on 19 April 1984. Peter didn’t think to include the Indigenous people in this anthem.

It’s been over 140 years old, but the national anthem ‘Advance Australian Fair’ has been rewritten by a group of seeking recognition of INdigenous people in the Australian constitution for the first time, the new lyrics were performed in front of a live audience on the opening night of the annual desert song festival.

Advance Australia Fair is an anthem that is racist at so many levels. The anthem that is racist a so may levels, written for a white Australia that is irrelevant, or should be. Apologies to the writer but it’s also poorly crafted lyrically, is largely meaningless sentimentality and is a substandard melody. It’s time for the whining faux patriotic grown-ups to grow up.

Advance Australia Fair is such a profoundly uninspiring song that heaps of Aussies haven’t even bothered to learn the words. In primary school and high school kids are expected to learn the words the the anthem. Most of the kids don’t even know the words, so instead of getting in trouble for not signing they lip sync. Personally I think it’s time we actually advanced Australia, and got ourselves a new anthem.

In schools, especially primary school we are taught to sing the national anthem because it shows that we are grateful and thankful to live in a beautiful country such as Australia.

It’s easy to dismiss the anthem incident of 2018 in Brisbane primary school as a storm in a teacup. A school kid finds it offensive to stand for an anthem that she says does not ring true. “When it says ‘we are young’ it completely disregard the indigenoud Australians who were here before is for over 50,000 years,” When it was originally written, Advance Australia Fair meant Advance the white people of Australia.

The thing is in primary school kids don’t really know of a thing called racism, but when you get to high school everything changes, you learn what racism is and it’s not good. Since I’ve found out what the national anthem really meant I have made the decision that I will not be singing the Australian national anthem anymore until it’s changed. I’m not for racism and I think it should be changed.

For Australia, for everyone, because we are one!

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