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Analysis of the Movie ‘The 13th Warrior’ – Free Essay Example

‘The 13th Warrior’ narrates the story of Ahmad ibn Fadlan who is a Muslim poet sent to a mission by where he faces the Vikings. Specifically, regardless of the narrative and subtitle attributes of the script, Ahmad ibn Fadlan is considered as a leading Muslim fighter. Let’s notice that the story is based on reality and has benefited from little storytelling. The main character is a Muslim traveler who, in the Middle Ages, takes a long journey from his country to the northern regions of Europe and the Scandinavian countries.

The movie clearly demonstrates that at first Ahmad couldn’t really communicate with the Vikings due to their habits and cultural differences however as time passes by, he starts to respect them and the Vikings start to show interest in Ahmad’s character, skills and belief.

The significance of this film may be more than the opposite of the film’s action film. John McTiernan is a professional shooter in American cinema, and this time he made an action film, but this is not the only feature of the movie. If we want to consider ‘The 13th Warrior’ with the ‘hero’s journey’, we need a great opportunity to consider the heroic and personality traits and the transformation of Ahmad ibn Fadlan’s personality and in my opinion the main character played his role amazingly and demonstrated the transformation clearly.

The first point of the film lies in this journey – it is a ‘confrontation’. The confrontation between the leading Islamic culture and the land Ahmed comes from with the cultures he is familiar with. Escaping different ethnicities and primitive wars over food in the very early stages reveals this contradiction.

It may be necessary to mention the choices of the actor here too. Antonio Banderas, a prominent Hollywood actor with a long history of playing important roles, has played the role of acting and influential Muslim traveler this time as a pro-star super star. Choosing Banderas is therefore important in a movie of the United States that a superstar has been playing a positive role for a Muslim, but this time Banderas has recorded a historic film in his role as a historical travel journalist.

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Although the film may be somewhat in favor of Islamic thought and Muslims, the Americans have used this opportunity and historical capacity to portray the primitive Europe and civilization. A Europe full of superstition and corporeality that is involved in the war of primitive nations.

It should be noted that the dramatic load of the film ultimately ended in favor of Islam, which is the character of Ahmad ibn Fadlan, who has been selected as the thirteenth of the warrior and although not initially taken seriously by the rest of the warriors, but only in a few minutes by looking and listening, speaks to others, they learn their language and put themselves in a position of power. Although the image of Ahmad ibn Fadlan is evident in the film, this individual intelligence emerged from a progressive thinking in the name of Islam, in which, at the first moments after learning the language, he defended his family honor against the insults of his companions and establishes its position in the group.

The key point is that Ahmad ibn Fadlan is depicted in the film as the last resort of salvation, the savior and the symbol of wisdom and wisdom, and in the first scenes of linguistic opposition between him and the primitive western warriors, he said the word “la-la-la-la-la-lohe” on the beach sands. He writes that the authoritative system of thought before him should be addressed to the audience.

On the other hand, the contrast between the ethical aspects of Ahmad ibn Fadlan and his other companions is very significant, indicating a kind of distinctive look at Islam. Ahmad ibn Fadlan is neither a volunteer nor a winery. Although heavily affected by the horrible crime in the hut, he is still thinking of the solution and the way out of this issue. In marriage to a tribal woman, she also chooses a woman who adheres to moral values and is clean. Ahmad ibn Fadlan, a civilized man, is not a Muslim activist here. In another sequence, Ahmed remarks in response to the masculine and reckless ugly jokes of his followers: “A gentleman never says that”.

Mercy and chastity while courage, wisdom and wisdom, while seeking truth and trying to achieve better results, trust in God and the power of God, while disbelieving in forces such as magic and magic, trying to prove yourself while respecting the dignity of other fellows, all and all of the remarkable things are ‘The 13th Warrior’.

A film that, while pointing out Americans to primitive Europe and civilization, are appealing to the audience, but on the contrary, the situation of the Muslim community and their individual and social culture is well represented during the Middle-Ages. The potential of such films in the historical-adventure genre may not be as strong in other genres of cinema.

Of course, the hero’s credibility and heroic belief in the audience’s perspective, this time in the movie ‘The 13th Warrior’ based on a real and prestigious story of a Muslim traveler, can be found in less than a movie of Hollywood productions. Whatever it is, ‘The 13th Warrior’, in a historical context, brings an untrustworthy truth to the West, pointing out that the transfer of knowledge at all levels, from the empirical sciences to personal health, has all come from the East to the West. The thirteenth warrior, the best and last warrior who is Muslim, is the way to save humanity and believes that ‘he’ will ultimately be the guarantor of victory. The belief that all Muslims also believe in.

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