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Analysis of Celebrity’s Influence on Society – Free Essay Example

How Celebrities Influence the Dynamic of Relationships in Society through Functionalist Perspective.

The emergence of such impressions categorizes modern human society as celebrity culture. Celebrity culture has risen under the influence of social changes, for instance, the decline in organized religion, the mediatization of society, a decline of the authority of traditional orientation groups, and commercialization. In simpler, definition celebrity culture is the custom that focuses on famous individuals for some reason. Celebrity culture might also be harmful since it disturbs society from real extreme problems happening universally, making people want people to be celebrated and get noticed, which can ruin friendships. Relationship dynamics refers to the manners that occur between people in how they relate, interact, and communicate. Most influential celebrities are now associated with popular culture, comprising singers and movie stars. These influential people edict ideas or preferences and styles. They are arguments that arise that celebrity culture can change the world. The functionalist viewpoint perceives society as a compound system whose parts promote harmony and constancy. This paper explores how celebrities impact the dynamic of affiliation in culture through a functionalist view.

Functionalism theory views society as a hybrid but an orderly and steady system with consistent structures and functions or social patterns that operate to meet individuals’ needs in society. Celebrities have helped improve solidarity and stability; for example, if an influential person engages in certain social activities, people are brought together and interact well. Therefore celebrity industry is assisting in promoting stability and solidarity.

According to the perspective of sociology, each aspect of society is interdependent and contributes to society’s functioning and stability. Here is an example of a functionalist perspective, where the government tends to provide education for the children, which pays taxes on which the state depends to keep itself running. Therefore, we will be looking for the functionality perspective the prominent person engages in to maintain their name outside where the celebrity industry will profit in getting endorsements.

Prominent persons educate society on the aid the government should support them. Therefore, it promotes interaction with the community by engaging them in discussing the activities they have been taught. The government bodies notify them and use them as icons to spread the news. In addition, interaction is enhanced, and exchange is ensured, maintaining stability and solidarity. Therefore, this shows that celebrities influence society’s relationships through a functionalist perspective.

They educate society on cultural norms through cultural functionalism, where they get involved in cultural activities. Therefore people interact and try not to abandon their cultural practices, thus enhancing the dynamic relationship, especially culture.

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Structural functionalism, helps people get to know the lives of celebrities. Therefore they give society something to talk about. The organization receives to manifest the intended consequences of celebrity gossip. This interaction is enhanced, thus promoting dynamic relationships in the community.

Generally, celebrity behaviors affect society in none way or another. The behaviors may be positive or negative, which will influence the dynamic relationships in society. Although influential people might negatively impact a community, they positively influence society. Celebrities promote ethical values and make responsible decisions that favorably affect people. Famous people can set great examples of appropriate behaviors and attitudes. For instance, several of them support charitable campaigns, participate in discussions regarding social problems, raise money for people who suffer from a deficiency, Contribute to health organizations and promote philanthropism.

Furthermore, celebrities who live decent lives serve as positive role models where individuals imitate their characters. Influential people support social honesty and make substantial contributions when disasters likely come. In some cases, the celebrity industry can help, like if children are not obsessed with mistakes and vague ideas. These influential individuals in the industry can help.

Society felt that hair cut in ladies maybe it is unattractive. These influential people help to improve self-esteem in low-confidence individuals. That can be by imitating haircuts or the fashion style of a prominent person to enhance confidence and assertiveness—this impacts society in a positive way. In addition, influential individuals can positively influence society in the environment. For instance, they resolve global problems and enhance dynamic relationships among people in the community.

Prominent people also share their experiences with people they have met. They explain how they handled the situations, which adds some knowledge to society. Society benefits positively from these ideas because they understand how they can handle different situations, especially while interacting with people, to maintain stability and solidarity.

Celebrities cultivate outgoing personalities, which impact society positively. For instance, people improve communication skills as they meet with other fans and discuss news and events linked with their admiration. The organization also gets informed about the international communities on environmental issues advocating a green lifestyle. That helps in encouraging society to work hard.

Celebrities live a specific lavish style that society members end up assuming. Despite their income varying, a person might work more innovative in a bid to live a better life, hence imitating the influential person. That clearly shows that celebrity culture positively impacts society from a functionality perspective.

The Celebrity industry has helped celebrities maintain their name outside. For example, when they get involved in activities like donations, society will highly appreciate them. During these activities, the organization gets to interact with each other; therefore, the community copies the prominent persons, hence solidarity and stability.

Celebrities also attract attention to social issues like poverty, education, and cultural awareness, promoting solidarity and stability in society. Also, different stars share their experiences in dating and the challenges they face. That helps the organization, especially teenagers, to deal with relationship issues. By doing this, an interaction emerges between society and celebrities. Therefore this promotes stability and solidarity.

Celebrities also help to grow talents. For example, if a prominent person gets notified of a talented person but the person is needy, they assist the person. That can be showcasing the person on social media where people support the person. That is a way of maintaining solidarity and stability in society; People interact together during these events. That is another way of maintaining their reputation in the community and getting notified faster.

According to the functionalist perspective of sociology, each aspect of society is codependent. It also donates to society’s firmness and operationality as a whole. For example, according to celebrity culture, influential people advertise products for companies. In return, they are compensated very well. Advertisements contribute to the cultivation of celebrity culture where society is informed about sources of income.

Many celebrities are open and clear about their hardships and mental health. As a result, they influence society positively because they help reduce stigma and raise awareness. Some of them release songs that consequently inspire people nationwide. That helps enlighten young teens, for example, against drug abuse.

Celebrities have a positive impact on youth as they act as role models. Their events encourage children to strive hard and succeed in life. But in another case, they provide unhealthy examples that affect teenagers’ mental health. That shows that celebrities influence society both negatively and positively.

In addition, celebrity advocacy can cause the adoption of specific health prevention measures—for example, a celebrity named Angelina Jolie publicly announced her double mastectomy. Therefore stars serve as agents of positive social change, eradicating the stigma associated with disorders and vital information about preventative behaviors. Many celebrities have used prominent social standing to offer medical advice and endorse health products.

On the other hand, members of society that are passionate about entertainment and personalities are genuinely affected by these diligences. Popularity has an essential impact on almost every aspect of the lives of regular people, including interests, behaviors, trends, opinions, and fashion. However, teenagers and children are the most affected. That shows that celebrity behaviors affect society negatively.

Society is powerfully affected by celebrities’ misbehaviors. Many people believe that if they mimic the lifestyle of prominent people, they think it will help them achieve success and clout. In some cases, celebrities are caught up in misconduct, for example, drug abuse. However, society is involved in such transgressions as well. Media presents such highlights that involve influential people to encourage individuals to act the same way. These activities negatively affect society, most likely children and teenagers.

In conclusion, prominent people significantly affect the lives of regular people. Due to the fast development of new trends in technologies, mass media has become a potent tool for promoting different ideas and concepts. Prominent people are one of the major topics in the universe, and various agencies exploit celebrity culture to make a profit.

Celebrities nowadays are trendy because if a company has to launch a product, they look for prominent people. Hence that shows that celebrity people can be considered good people in one way or other despite having adverse effects on culture, The celebrity industry might have positive effects on the custom of modern societies as well. Influential people promote stable and worthy ideas like the importance of moral values, ethical norms, family, and education, among others. Despite that, the drawbacks of celebrity culture outweigh its advantages.

We have discussed several ways in which prominent persons engage themselves in society. Therefore, in conclusion, we agree that celebrities influence dynamic relationships through a functionalist perspective.

Hence, it is necessary to focus more on the positive aspects and try to reduce the intensity of the unfavorable effects of celebrities on the culture of modern society.

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