Guid Essay

Guid Essay

An Opportunity That Only Comes Once in a Lifetime – Free Essay Example

Opportunities come across once in a lifetime and could possibly never happen again. Within High School, many opportunities come and go each and every year sometimes people have to give it there all to get the best out of the opportunities they receive and to get. With National Honor Society essays is an opportunity that could only come across once in my whole High School Career that I’m going to give it my best to get this opportunity.

Within this opportunity comes great leadership which I can provide for this organization. For a team to develop and get better a leader is needed to guide them show them what’s good and bad. The sports basketball then I’ve played the past 2 years in High School and all my Junior High Career I was always considered one of the leaders. I had many chances to teach teammates the correct way to dribble up the court, the correct play to call out with the current defense the opposing team is playing, and showing them what is the best way to read their defender. With all these opportunities of leadership allows me to teach my teammates a positive attitude and inspire them to create a great environment for the whole team to be around. Even within the FFA, I’ve been to most of the events that are available to the current members, and some of the new members haven’t participated in them. I made myself responsible for them to get decent at the contest, so they can fill great about themselves going into it. Leadership is a great trait, but when Duty calls and it’s time for me to serve I’m the first to the line but have to get academic in the back of my mind.

High School is a time of a student’s life where it’s alright to have fun, but also time to get serious. High School can really depend on my future so if I try my hardest to stay focus and not let my grades slip. High School is a great time to be developing a social life and get along with others. I and hopefully others can say that within work or school I am the funny, hardworking, and genuine guy. My step-grandma has recently received cancer in her chest area and has been little under the weather and my grandfather is a little older so it’s hard for him to help. Every time I’m in town or in her area I’ll try my best to take time out of my day help her with some chores and just keep her company. She loves when I do that and I love seeing her happy just by helping her can change her day. With all these great things has one thing in common all help with serving I would love to help this High School become a better and safer place for the person.

With a leadership and serving comes a student with character. Throughout my years as a human I have really matured I’ve gone from a disrespectful elementary student almost getting expelled to a High School that is responsible, love to laugh, and love to help people. Recently one of my cousins in my family that was feeling really down about himself mostly because of his appearance. I told him exactly, “No one in this world is going to care whether if you have a big nose, small nose, big ears, small ears, one leg, or three legs. Just Be you and you’ll do just fine for yourself”. Ever since then my little buddy has been wearing whatever he wants, when he wants, and not letting anybody stop him. Just being honest with someone and not being a bad influence could change their lives and that honestly changed my character for good. While in the classroom anytime and every time the teacher needed help I would love to help them back in Junior High I had Ms. Breitweiser like five hours a day each and every hour she was doing some kind of work. Every time she was doing work I would love to help collect papers off the printer for her, grade some papers for her, help carry some stuff to or from her car or even help her clean off the table. Without her as a teacher or my little cousin coming to me I wouldn’t be the character I am today.

With this great opportunity of Joining National Honor Society with my leadership, service, character, and academics I find myself a great member of this Organization. I appreciate this wonderful opportunity to be apart of something that could make our school a better place.

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