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99 Entertaining Speech Topics for Memorable Performance

While studying at high school, college, or university, students may encounter situations when they need to develop speeches. Although speech delivery is often a challenge that makes most speakers nervous, it is also a great opportunity to practice public speaking and build one’s self-esteem. In educational settings, it is also a memorable entertainment. Therefore, if you need to deliver a speech, consider choosing among entertaining speech topics we prepared. These topics will allow you build a strong argument, while including humorous details and funny facts. Our professional college essay writers are here to help you with writing college papers in the best way possible.

Developing an Entertainment Speech Topic

Although students discuss whatever they find interesting in their speeches, to make their performances truly memorable and entertaining, they should choose topics wisely. Here are some tips they use for ensuring best outcomes:

  • Consider your audience – Before choosing a topic, think of an audience and likely interests it may have. For example, it is hardly a good idea to discuss differences between mathematical equations with students who study humanities. Similarly, medicine students will probably be more interested in discussing medicine-related subjects than political matters. Mind that entertaining speech topics for college students should be more complex than topics for high school students.
  • Find your own inspiration – Audience matters, but your own interests are of great importance as well. While deciding on entertainment speech ideas, make sure you are as interested in them as your audience is. If it is challenging for students to think of such topics, they consider finding inspiration by watching latest TED talks, reading news, or watching movies or YouTube videos among other options.
  • Decide what your goal is and elaborate some ideas relevant to it – There is always some purpose behind the very idea of delivering a speech. For example, students may want to present an argument, making people agree with their point of view. Or they may want to entertain people, discussing some humorous situation. Providing information regarding certain phenomenon or motivating people change their behavior in one or the other way are also good examples of speech purposes. No matter what their exact motives are, speakers should consider ideas that will help them reach those purposes.
  • Conduct a research – Even if you are already familiar with a chosen topic, research it anyway. Look for funny facts, supporting evidence, as well as arguments that contradict your own judgments. Pay particular attention to details that help reach your major purpose. For example, if speakers want to entertain their audience, some anecdotes may be particularly relevant. As for informing speeches, students delivering them should know their topics exhaustively without concentrating solely on stances they personally value most.

Delivering an Entertaining Speech: Step-By-Step Guide

Upon choosing a good topic, students move to a preparation process. This involves a number of steps we recommend students follow.

Step 1. Write down your speech. – Writing is a good start. As you’ve done your research and collected some relevant facts and funny details, write them down so as to organize your content logically. Students who are not experienced in writing speeches always develop their speech drafts in an essay format. They should make sure to point out their main points as well as support them with evidence. It is easy to convert such writing into a good speech, for example, by using an essay to speech converter. You may find such a converter on the platform and use it for free.

Step 2. Learn your speech and practice delivering it. – It is not enough to write a draft. Speakers should spend some time reading it aloud. Eventually, they may even want to learn speeches by heart. It is particularly important to memorize main points, their order, as well as supporting evidence. Although you may slightly change order when delivering your speech, make sure to preserve the logical sequence of details.

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Step 3. Consider recording your practices. – Nowadays students use their smartphones and other devices to record their own practices. This is very helpful and convenient. Make several records as you practice delivering a speech. In each of practices, use different intonations and consider several alternative word choices. Upon reviewing your records, choose the most appropriate intonations and words. Make sure you are speaking clearly and understandably. Otherwise, consider using more simple (or vice versa more sophisticated) language.

Step 4. Use gestures. – Speech delivery is an excellent opportunity to use gestures as well as mimics as a means helping you make impression on audience. Mind that proper gestures will contribute to your authority as a speaker.

Step 5. Don’t insult your audience or opponents. – No matter what your intention for the speech is, remain professional and patient to your topic as well as audience. Remember that insults are completely inappropriate in public speaking. They destroy your authority and make audience despise you.

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100 Hilarious Speech Topics

Now when students know which aspects to consider while choosing good topics and how to deliver them effectively, we suggest them review a ready-made list of possible ideas. Some of these entertaining informative speech topics suggest a need for convincing the audience take a particular stance. Others are humorous and aimed at ensuring funny pastime. No matter which sample topic you choose, mind that you can always modify it with your own specific purposes in mind.

Persuasive Topics

These entertainment speech topics for college students allow you to take a particular position and convince the audience to agree with it. You can either agree or disagree with the provided statements.

  1. Higher education is a ticket to a better future.
  2. The concept of an American Dream is no longer relevant today.
  3. People who learn English as a second language know English grammar better than most Americans.
  4. People who get their higher education in the US end up with one of the best educations in the world.
  5. It is never late to study.
  6. By banning single use plastics people may save oceans from further pollution.
  7. People who learn foreign languages are smarter than those who don’t.
  8. Abortion debate: how should it be resolved in the United States?
  9. Social media make people less social.
  10. Traditional zoos are immoral.
  11. Reality TV shows are a waste of time.
  12. The best things in life are free.
  13. Tests are ineffective in assessing students’ knowledge.
  14. Speed dating is not a good way to meet new people.
  15. Traditional classroom is no longer relevant today.

Informative Topics

These entertainment speech ideas allow you deliver informative speeches. Remember describing chosen topics from different perspectives.

  1. Violence is an issue that cannot be resolved with stricter gun control laws.
  2. Cybersecurity: what should the US government do to protect its information systems?
  3. English as a language of global business.
  4. Work-life balance is a new American Dream.
  5. Teen pregnancy: its effects on family and community.
  6. Can conservation ensure species survival?
  7. There is no single beauty concept that is relevant all over the world.
  8. Explain how modern art differs from traditional art.
  9. Why we enjoy gardening?
  10. What effects does meditation have on human body?
  11. Entertainment industry has changed significantly due to new technologies.
  12. Describe how social media are likely to change within the next five years.
  13. Should we treat ecology-related issues more seriously? Why?
  14. What are distinct characteristics of the best leaders?
  15. Can gratefulness make one’s life better?

If you want to not only persuade and inform, but also motivate your audience, EduBirdie has already prepared some motivational speech topics for your convenience.

Funny Entertainment Speech Topics

Use these topics if you primarily aim at entertaining audience. Consider including humorous details and facts.

  1. Cats use people for their own purposes.
  2. Having a dog is better than having a boyfriend/girlfriend.
  3. Evil people often believe they are good.
  4. What is more important, knowledge or wisdom?
  5. If ghosts existed, who would you like to meet?
  6. Who are you in Harry Potter world? Why?
  7. Who are you in Marvel universe? Why?
  8. Would you describe a glass as half full or half empty? Why?
  9. Does true wisdom come with learning?
  10. Why should parents forbid children watch TV?
  11. Do manners matter? Why?
  12. What are major features of the city of the future?
  13. How can people all over the world reach peace?
  14. What should Americans know about Europe before going there for a vacation?
  15. Describe major features of a good conversation.
  16. Why should we cook on their own at least once in a while?
  17. Does color affect how people feel?
  18. Team sports are better than individual sports.
  19. How would you rule the world if you could?
  20. How not to be an average person?

How To Topics

Using these entertaining speech ideas, you can share some personal hacks with an audience. Be creative and research a chosen topic to make your performance particularly memorable.

HOW TO learn a poem by heart in one hour?
reach a goal step by step?
move furniture without a risk of injuring one’s back?
learn a foreign language in one year?
get an education without large financial investments?
pass an exam without becoming too nervous?
save an ocean from pollution?
deal with peer pressure at school?
make a contribution into development of one’s community?
capture audience’s attention while delivering a speech?
earn a fortune while doing what you like most?
become a bestselling writer?
become popular without living one’s living room?
preserve friendship for years?
sell whatever possible for a good price?
convince people take your part in an argument?
gain fresh ideas and bring novelty into one’s experiences?
build a business of one’s dreams?
narrow a gap between the rich and the poor?
resolve conflicts and preserve relationships?

Impromptu Ideas

Use these hilarious speech topics for speeches that do not suggest any additional preparation. Just share your own thoughts and beliefs.

  1. Explain three different ways of how to prepare to an exam effectively.
  2. Convince people to vote for you as president of the United States.
  3. If you were a mad scientist, what invention would you elaborate by now?
  4. You are a teacher: describe your individual approach to teaching.
  5. Create a myth that explains why people cannot bend ring finger on its own.
  6. Describe a day that stands out for you.
  7. What was the best surprise you’ve ever received?
  8. If you had a million dollars to give away, what would you do?
  9. Is it possible to teach an old dog a new trick? How?
  10. Describe how you often make your pizza.
  11. Describe a favorite holiday.
  12. Tell about your summer plans.
  13. If you were a famous rock star, what would your lyrics be about?
  14. What is the best job in the world? Why?
  15. What book would you suggest all people in the US read?
  16. If you could start your own political party, what would it be?
  17. If you could receive a letter from your future self, what would you like to know?
  18. Explain how you would modify modern public transport.
  19. How can people achieve their dreams?
  20. Describe five great things about the ocean.
  21. What are you most grateful for?
  22. Describe your favorite holiday.
  23. Which movie would you describe as the “best movie ever”?
  24. Who is the most successful individual you personally know?
  25. Describe your favorite relative.
  26. Why we should (or shouldn’t) follow traditions?
  27. What is the best political and economic system, capitalism or socialism?
  28. Describe how exactly modern mass media influence views.
  29. Does advertising affect choices?
  30. Does society determine what is normal and what is not? How?

Use EduBirdie blog to find even more impromptu speech topics and entertaining speech topics for college students.

Ask Writer to Prepare Your Speech

Our entertaining speech topics will work well for students who need to deliver speeches at high schools, colleges, or universities. Depending on specific purposes, you can always modify chosen topics, making them more or less funny. Disregarding your exact intention, remember following our tips and steps for best outcomes.

If you don’t know where to start or how to prepare yourself for a performance, our speech writing services online can help you. They can write an informative speech essay for you, including most relevant information and using creative methods of persuasion. All you’ll need to do is learn your speech and deliver it following writer’s recommendations.

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